The Next Green Thing

Green Solar roofs

​Combining the placement of ​solar panels and vegetation on your roof

The Next Green Thing makes a green solar roof a reality for you. We strongly believe green solar roofs will make a big difference in accelerating the creation of a sustainable world.

Why green solar roofs?

  • It generates emission-free energy at zero cost
  • It generates significantly more energy than regular solar roofs
  • It increases the isolation of the building 
  • It lowers heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer
  • It extends the life time of the roof and lowers maintenance cost
  • It increases the value of the building
  • It improves the city landscape
  • It increases air quality
  • It reduces climate change and contributes to a sustainable future


With all the above benefits, you wonder why not everyone is placing green solar roofs on their building? Unfortunately, there are many roadblocks.

  • People are UNAWARE of the possibility
  • People are OVERLOADED by the varying offers of suppliers
  • People are UNCLEAR of the personal economic benefits


The Next Green Thing's mission is to remove all these barriers and accelerate the introduction of green solar roofs. We are creating an online cloud-based platform where roof owners can:
1. design their own green solar roof.
2. calculate the best return on investment
3. make it happen by putting them in contact with the right suppliers.

Our Platform

​Our platform ​is comprised ​of three modules.

Roof Designer

​Our Roof Designer lets you design your own roof top. You will receive a high definition satellite image of your own roof and that is when the creative fun starts. You simply drag and drop solar panels and vegetation on your roof.​

ROI Calculator

​We will calculate the best economic, social and environmental benefits of your design. We are using our state-of-the-art algorithms that take all parameters into the equation: ​seasons, shadows, wind variation and rooftop material to name a few. ​


​The Next Green Thing's ​Marketplace is where you can start the project. You will be presented with the right suppliers, subsidies, and information to be able to transform your roof, help the environment and be financially rewarded.


Sharat Sreekantan

Founder and hipster-hacker

Bertil Schaart

​Ajay V.

It is our mission to remove all these barriers.

By creating a platform that allow

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marketplace where roof owner can
1. design their green solar roof.
2, calculate the best return on investment
3. actually make it happen.

The Next Green Thing